Who owns The Degax or who works for us doesn’t really matter. What matters is what this brand was founded on and what we represent.

We are actually more alike than you may think. With no funding, loans, or mommy and daddy’s money I built this brand from scratch. It all started from a well thought out vision, a wordpress website, and a relentless effort of hustle. The 9-5 was never an option so when your back is up against the wall your only option is to make shit happen or it is back to the rat race.

As a creative entrepreneur, I built this brand to open the doors to collaborations with other creatives and artists from all around the world. I could hire a designer and photographer to curate all of my creative content, but in my eyes I feel shit gets stale after a while. I want our unique identity and attitude to be defined by the artists, photographers, designers, musicians, film makers, and creatives who we collaborate with globally. This brand will never have a defined image since I am constantly expanding my interests, rebelling against society, exploring the world, and meeting new people.

As stated above, you will constantly see new content and clothing created for The Degax from different artists. I will always feature and mention them on our social media channels and include them in our blog posts.  Eventually I want it to almost be an honor / benchmark to collaborate with The Degax. I have no intentions to turn this into a fashion line but I will be releasing new clothing designs and styles at limited inventory.  The branding will be all over the place from dark evil shit, to trippy lsd designs, to retro 70’s shit. Basically, whatever we feel like creating is what we will do. I have no clue what is next so it will be a constant surprise and further insight into my personal interests, emotional state and network.

The blog will be our “hub” for all the movies and music that I consume, a behind the scenes look into The Degax, and any dope collaborations that we do. I am constantly finding the dopest tunes, movies, and shows on the internet so I want to share that with you. I’ll be your go to guy for music & movies. I will be releasing a new playlist from Soundcloud (Spotify soon) with all the EDM / Bass music that I listen to that month as well as any other rap, metal, or indie/folk albums that I came across.  With this, an upcoming DJ/Producer will also be creating a new mixtape for us everymonth that we’ll release across our social media platforms and website. I will also be sharing movies / tv shows that I have watched and will give a super brief review and rating. Any behind the scenes vlogs that we put up on youtube will have their own place in the blog as well as any collaborations with artists that we work with. They will have their dedicated blogpost with a more behind the scene look and links to all of their social media platforms.

The last couple of years I have been so busy learning how to build a business and all the other shit that goes into making money online that I have neglected my creative side. I have not been creating, collaborating, or exploring the world as much as I want to. I have come to the conclusion that once you have some money coming in, it does not make you happy. The Degax is my long term vision and impact that I want to leave on the world. The culture, clothing, music, movies, collaboration, exploring, networking, and going against the norms of society is ME. Be yourself and create your own fucking culture.